Bushkill Falls, Pennsylvania

Why am I awake and posting at 3 o’clock in the morning? Excellent question. The answer ‚ÄĒ such is the life of a photographer. This morning I am awake and alive in the pre-dawn hours because I have a five hour drive ahead of me. This morning I am traveling north to Bushkill, Pa., to a private park that is home to no less than 5 waterfalls.

I have wanted to go to Bushkill since I first heard about it, but the timing has never been right. Eventually I find I get to a point where it becomes a matter of go now, or not at all. My current plan is to stay in Maryland until the end of January. That means that my time in this area is running out. Already there are less than 100 days between now and January 31st. Tempus fugit. Go now, or not at all.

The park opens at 9am. I desperately wish that I could get in earlier so I could do some low-light shots with tripods and long exposures, but Bushkill on private property and they open at 9. Since I am driving so far to see this I am going to spend the day. Hat – check. Sunblock – check. Camera, flashcards, batteries, lenses – check. PB&J – I’ll make that next. ūüôā

Check back later today – much later – I hope to put some of the photos up on my blog tonight (unless the need for sleep takes precedence). Until then…

Wedding Photography

I know I’ve been MIA this week but in my own defense I had 4,959 photos to look through and edit.

I have known photographers who despise photographing weddings.  They get bored by the sameness and routine, and by what they consider trite.  Being a wedding photographer does involve facing these challenges; it requires you to document the moments in a unique way raising yourself above the repetition and familiarity.


Cover Art for the Wedding Album

Every photographer has to find a their own way to overcome the boredom of photographing the too-well-known. ¬†For me ‚ÄĒ I remind myself that no matter how familiar a situation (be it a wedding, or Lord, another commencement ceremony), for those involved it is their moment. ¬†This wedding belongs to Tiffany and Rob. ¬†And to them, it wouldn’t matter if a million other people were married on the same day, this is their day. ¬†I find that if I approach my photographs from that perspective then the repetition doesn’t dampen my interest. ¬†The images don’t feel commonplace. ¬†They feel like a vital part of recording a moment in history.

My photography teacher has always been a bit of history buff. ¬†He regards photography as documenting history and tried to teach that approach to me. ¬†It wasn’t until after the death of my parents that I was able to really see it from that perspective. ¬†I have photographs from 3 June 1967. ¬†Photographs of my mother and my father looking blissfully at one another. ¬†They look so happy as they dance and so very much in love. ¬†And it doesn’t matter to me that the poses are familiar, that the images look exactly like a dozen other weddings that I have photographed. ¬†The love on their faces, the love I feel for them, makes these photos precious. ¬†The name of the photographer has been lost. ¬†The negatives too. ¬†But more than 40 years later the prints remain and I bless that anonymous photographer who documented their wedding day.


After the wedding portraits at Watkins Mill State Park

So as I approach a wedding, I do so with a deep awareness that someday, long after I have died someone who loved Tiffany and Rob may find these photos and cherish them.  wbrewer0990Someone will look at the joy on their faces and be thankful to the photographer who recorded it.  Seen in that light, weddings are not about cliches or mind-numbing tradition.  They are each rare, unique, never to be repeated events.

I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to photograph this wedding. ¬†To see my friends on their day. ¬†To record what I have seen for them and for those who will come long after. ¬†And as an added treat they wanted a document of their photographer so I handed my camera over to Kim, Tiffany’s assistant for the day, and she took this picture of us.


Me with Tiffany and Rob

It was a beautiful day.

The Big Day

Silhouette at KC Union Station

Silhouette at KC Union Station

In July I was out in Kansas City photographing the engagement party and portraits of my friends Rob Brewer and Tiffany Blackwell. ¬†It doesn’t seem possible, but they have managed to pull together a full-blown wedding in just a few months and tomorrow I will be photographing their big day.

Today I am just adding a quick post. ¬†It’s 4 a.m. and I have to get to the metro, then to the airport. ¬†But check back for photos from the wedding when I get home on Monday.

Cheers, Bren

Tiffany and Rob

Tiffany and Rob

Hello world!

Hello world.

Those are the words wordpress has provided. ¬†I don’t expect this blog to garner anywhere near that kind of audience. ¬†If you have found your way to this website, there is a pretty good chance that you know me. ¬†If that isn’t the case, then you must know someone who knows me. ¬†Otherwise what are you doing here? Randomly searching to see what new and amazing voice there are filling up cyberspace?

This is actually my second blog.  For those of you who have come looking for the photography blog as it used to be, fear not, I am planning to add the info from those old pages, just as soon as I figure how best to navigate the wordpress universe. In the meantime the best option seems to be to jump right in.

That said…here goes.

Monday night cook-out

Monday night cook-out

The first photos I am going to upload are from the recent Monday night cook-out. ¬†This is us. ¬†Left to right you will find Keith, Jerome, Erika, Kevin, Tiffany, and that little miss on the far right making a face at me is Miss Skye. ¬†Finally, finally, it has gotten cold enough in the evenings to make the fire pit a wonderful opportunity to gather and enjoy hotdogs cooked over an open flame and the universally beloved smores. ¬†Fire roasted marshmellows, blackened and softened and messily spread between graham crackers and chocolate…A perfect recipe resulting in many laughs and a sugar coma for the kiddies.



I don’t actually like smores. ¬†That’s primarily because I don’t like marshmellows. ¬†I think they are too sweet and squishy. ¬†What I do enjoy though is photographing smores. ¬†Or rather I enjoy photographing fire. ¬†It’s the pyromaniac in my soul. ¬†Can’t myself. ¬†ūüôā

Well, I suppose that is it for round one.  More photos are coming and for those of you who are looking Рyes, I will absolutely be getting the Europe Collection back up here.  In the mean time.  I hope you enjoy the new blog.  Wish me luck.

Cheers, Bren.