Bushkill Falls, Pennsylvania

Why am I awake and posting at 3 o’clock in the morning? Excellent question. The answer — such is the life of a photographer. This morning I am awake and alive in the pre-dawn hours because I have a five hour drive ahead of me. This morning I am traveling north to Bushkill, Pa., to a private park that is home to no less than 5 waterfalls.

I have wanted to go to Bushkill since I first heard about it, but the timing has never been right. Eventually I find I get to a point where it becomes a matter of go now, or not at all. My current plan is to stay in Maryland until the end of January. That means that my time in this area is running out. Already there are less than 100 days between now and January 31st. Tempus fugit. Go now, or not at all.

The park opens at 9am. I desperately wish that I could get in earlier so I could do some low-light shots with tripods and long exposures, but Bushkill on private property and they open at 9. Since I am driving so far to see this I am going to spend the day. Hat – check. Sunblock – check. Camera, flashcards, batteries, lenses – check. PB&J – I’ll make that next. 🙂

Check back later today – much later – I hope to put some of the photos up on my blog tonight (unless the need for sleep takes precedence). Until then…


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