Bushkill Falls – Finally


The Main Falls

I know I promised these photos weeks ago, but my life had other plans. So, finally, Bushkill Falls. As I stated in my last post the park does not open until 9 a.m. so I couldn’t do the pre-dawn, low light photos that I really prefer to do with waterfalls. But when one option is closed, go looking for others. This photo represents one of them. What I wanted to show was the individual drops of water and the height of the massive waterfall. The Main Falls are so loud. Toward the end of the day when I had wrapped up most of my photos I came to stand here, to listen to the roar that drowns everything out.

There will always be things that photographs cannot capture. How do you capture the light mist coming off the top of the falls, not the droplets that fall down, but the smaller particles that rise up in the wind and cool my face after a long day of hiking? How do you capture that moment? Neither can I capture the sound of the falls. I think that when I have the money for it, one of ┬ámy next investments will be for sound equipment. I like the idea of sound with slideshows. I don’t think this would be too difficult for me to learn because I have seen how you can edit audio with FinalCut and although I never pursued a writing career, I do have a degree in Journalism. At very least I know how to ask follow up questions, and I know what to look for in a strong quote. But that is for a later date.


The Main Falls

This was my first view of Bushkill Falls. Normally I would have cropped in tighter, but I loved that little splash of fall color at the top and I wanted to keep that in the frame.


The Main Falls II

Leonardo di Vinci is said to have sketched his subjects from at least three different angles. When I am out photographing I find this is a good rule of thumb, to look at each subject from at least three different points of view. It forces me to look harder for the unexpected possibilities that I may be overlooking. My goal was to photograph the falls, but this image with the falls in the background is one of my favorite shots. The waterfall is clearly visible, but not the subject.

Advice for visiting Bushkill Falls: Go early. It’s $10 to get into the park, but absolutely worth it. Also there is a longer trail you can take around the park to some of the smaller waterfalls. There are signs all along the way stating that this is a trail for hikers only and that it is physically demanding. So, wear solid shoes, bring a hat and sunblock, and if you decide to take the longer trail move around the park counterclockwise.



Walking the Trails