Do something good in the world…

Here you will find details on your chance to get $100 dollars off family photo sessions  and the rest of the money goes directly to saving a life. (Please note: there are only 14 photo sessions available and you must contact me to confirm you are one of the 14. Details below…)

df_blog_vandykeIn 2005 my beloved friends, Jon and Michelle Duncan, gave me a wonderful Christmas present: a copy of The Story of the Other Wise Man by Henry Van Dyke. I read it at least once a year. If I only read it once, it’s always around this time. I have loaned this book out on occasion, but I always experience a certain about of trepidation about doing this. I love the story and want to share it, to bless other lives the way mine has been blessed. But I worry that someone won’t understand how precious this battered old book is to me and won’t be careful…

This is one of my favorite stories. It’s the shortest book I own, but I would put it in my top ten of all time, right up there with Man’s Search for Meaning and The Little Prince. There is just something so eloquent about this story…something that stirs the soul and ends with such power and beauty that it is truly magical. And the best part is, it’s so old, and so forgotten that you can get it for free on Amazon.

 When Jon gave me the book he told me, don’t judge the first pages. He cautioned that it takes a little time to get into the story. I’m glad he warned me because without that, I might not have given the book the chance it deserves.

By now you are probably wondering what the heck does this have to do with family photo sessions and discounts. Patience, I promise I’ll explain.

Last night I read my book again. The pages are old and soft and have that yellowish-brown tinge that comes with age. The first time I read the book, I sort of slogged through the beginning. But now, I love every word so much that when I read this book I read it cover to cover. Including the introduction (which is not part of the amazon version).

The Story of the Other Wise Man is a bit of fiction based on the Biblical Magi who travel from the East to find Jesus in Bethlehem. In Van Dyke’s story there was to be a fourth member of that party. But circumstances arise and he is forced to miss departing with his friends and follows later on his own. The story follows the life of Artaban as he searches endlessly for the King. Near the end he faces his final challenge, he can continue his quest or he can save a young girl.

df_blog1I’ve read this over and over. But this year, when I got to the scene where the girl cries out and begs him to save her “for the sake of the God of purity” I couldn’t help but think of DeliverFund.

DeliverFund is a group of former American Special Forces warriors who are taking their incredible knowledge and skill set and applying it to battling sex trafficking.

Here’s their mission statement:
“DeliverFund disrupts global human trafficking markets by combining uniquely qualified personnel with the best technologies, and then leveraging them in new ways to reach and rescue victims of human trafficking.”
Can you imagine this? It’s amazing. We’re talking about the most elite of the American military and intelligence communities, Navy SEALs, CIA, Army Rangers, Delta Force…. These are people who spent years attaining the highest levels of physical preparedness and military training. People who know all about leadership and command and tactics and special operations and counterterrorism. What does one do with that sort of education once their time in the military is over? Well, for these guys the answer is to take what they know, and who they know, and combine their resources and do surveilance and tracking and gathering evidence to give to law enforcement officers to put those who traffic in the selling of women and girls and boys and anyone they can sell for any price, to put them in jail. DeliverFund is out there working to stop the source of it. Not just to rescue a victim and take them out of that hell (though they do that) but to get the pimps and pushers and the genuinely evil off the streets and behind bars.

The girl in the story, when she begs for her life, she says, “Save me from worse than death.”

Worse than death. That is what prostitution is. Every time I think about this, I find myself thinking, I wish I could help. But really, what can I do? I’m one person, and I’m not rich, and I am certainly not capable of helping with the work they do. But I want to help. So…here’s how you can get a great discount on a family photo session and help out with a genuinely worthy cause. I normally do family photos for $250. This is usually around 30 photos. You get a dvd with the images and the right to print them as you see fit. If you will donate $150 to  I will do a family photo session for you for free. (There are important restrictions to this! See below.) When you donate through their website you’ll get an electronic receipt. Print that out and give show it to me you’ll get to pick a date and get some new family photos. DeliverFund is a 501C3 so donations are tax deductible. I’m not interested in making any money on these. All of the money will go directly to the charity. And here’s the best part, I talked to one of the founders. A pimp usually runs five girls. The cost to stop one of these monsters is about $10,000. That’s $2000 per victim. I am going to do 14 of these photo shoots. That will raise $2100. That’s one life that is going to be saved. One life! One victim. One person who will no longer live in a hell that is worse than death.

Restrictions! I am only going to do fourteen of these so, contact me asap if you want one. If you donate and fail to contact me to confirm that you are one of the 14, this offer is invalid. You can send me a text at 406.471.7462. The sessions have to be paid for at the time of purchase. Normally, I don’t ask to be paid beyond the deposit until the time of the photo shoot, but this is for DeliverFund and I want it to get it to them by the end of the year. The photo sessions must be scheduled for no later than May 31, 2016, but you don’t have to pick your date right now. Pay for the session and we can figure out the dates later. Beyond May gets into wedding season for me and after May, I’m pretty well booked until the end of autumn. That’s why we have the May 31 deadline. A family photo session is one family – two generations. Maximum number of people = 6. Exceptions can be made, but need to be discussed prior to booking. Larger family groups count as a reunion and are not eligible.

Final note: here a link to a short video about DeliverFund and the work they are doing:
If you want to win excessive amounts of loyalty and admiration from me, make the donation out for more than $150. This is an organization that deserves it. If I could do more, I would….

Thank you all in advance for your consideration. Merry Christmas.

P.S. before anyone comments about consenting adults and what they choose to do, watch the video and listen to the girl. Pretty Woman isn’t reality. It isn’t the prostitute who is in charge.